Bhujodi Village

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bhujodi village

Bhujodi Village, Bhuj

Bhujodi is a traditional crafts village inhabited by around 1200 people of the Vankar community of weavers, situated about 12 kms from Bhuj. Majority of the inhabitants are involved in textile handicraft production.

bhujodi bhuj
Weaver at work

bhujodi bhuj

bhujodi bhuj
Picking out the knots

Bhujodi village produces 16 different styles of embroidery, including the sub-styles of Mutwa.

bhujodi bhuj
Spinning the yarn 

Exquisite shawls, traditional blankets and handicraft products including dhablas and woolen durries are made here.

bhujodi bhuj

bhujodi bhuj

bhujodi bhuj
Heart shaped horns, outside Bhujodi

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