Giri Ganga Trek

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giri ganga khara pathar

Giri Ganga

The 6km trail to Giri Ganga goes through breathtaking Deodar woods. It is off the Theog Road which goes towards Rohru.

Giri Ganga khara pathar
Mud Track leading to Giri Ganga

There is an interesting story behind the name ‘Giri Ganga’. Long ago a sage toppled his ‘Ganga Jal’ pot while carrying it from Haridwar. Hence the name ‘Giri – Ganga’.

Giri Ganga khara pathar
Lazy Calf

Certain sections of the trail have been paved with flagstones. I remember spending a boatload when we paved our backyard with flagstones. Out here one can find ’em all over the place!

Giri Ganga khara pathar
Next to a Flagstone wall

Giri Ganga khara pathar
Crooked Fence

pabbar valley
Next to Bear Stone

pabbar valley
Straight out of the movie ‘Mask’

Giri Ganga khara pathar
Stone stairs leading to a temple

The trail ends at the Giri Ganga Temple Complex.

Giri Ganga khara pathar
Durga Temple, Giri Ganga

Giri Ganga khara pathar
The Source, Giriganga

Giri Ganga khara pathar
Shiv Temple, Giriganga

Giri Ganga khara pathar
View from our room Check out the rainbow!

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One Response to Giri Ganga Trek

  1. Anoop Negi February 6, 2014 at 11:18 pm #

    Lovely work in showcasing this destination. It is a unique trek and once you reach Giriganga the more adventurous ones can climb further tot he plateau on the top from where the snow melt starts.. It is a tough climb though. I myself did not venture further as it was ranining.

    Lovely photos too.

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