Bhagwati (Chehni Tower) & Shinga Rishi Temples

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gushaini valley

Gushaini : Bhagwati Temple / Chehni Tower

Bhagwati Temple also known as Chehni Tower is about a half hour ascent from Shinga Rishi temple, near Gushaini.

tirthan valley
Chehni Village

tirthan valley
Barley Fields outside the village

The temples have been built as per the traditional Western Himalayan style – alternate layers of stone and timber. This style ensures that during earthquakes, the structures sway instead of resisting the quake’s movements.

chehni tirthan valley
Chehni Towers

chehni tirthan valley
Chehni Village

chehni tirthan valley
Old Tower

gushaini chehni
New Tower

tirthan valley
Rickety Balcony with fab views

Getting to Gushaini

Gushaini is about 550 kms from Delhi and takes about 15 hours by road.
There are plenty of air-conditioned buses which ply between Delhi and Manali (get off at Aut and take a cab to Gushaini).

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