Panamik Hot Water Springs

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panamik nubra valley

Panamik Hot Water Springs, Nubra Valley

Panamik, situated in the Nubra Valley, is known for its hot water springs.

nubra valley ladakh
View of the valley from Panamik

Hot water springs are produced by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater from the earth’s crust.

panamik hot springs
Green Algae

The lower density of hot water allows it to rise more easily through small channels.

panamik hot springs
Bubbling away

The minerals dissolved in the water get deposited around the hot springs as the water cools.

nubra valley ladakh
Bubbling away

These springs are very therapeutic because the water which emerges from the earth’s crust is full of minerals and the high temperatures facilitate their entry into the human body.

nubra valley ladakh
Mineral laden

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