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Ananda Spa in the Himalayas : A Destination Spa

Swirled in the sacred mists of time, nestled in the Himalayas is Ananda, a world class Destination Spa. Once the residence of Maharaja of Tehri-Garhwal, it is dedicated to today’s traveller, who is looking for innovative ways to restore and rejuvenate his energies. Grounded in Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta combined with contemporary international therapies which enhance and augment the original, Ananda Spa is the ultimate escape from the mundane to the spiritual, where every corner spells harmony and every colour soothes the senses.

Ananda is the spiritual pathway to the ultimate, discovered through the union of body, mind and soul. It is not just a retreat that will leave you breathless with the enchantment of its surroundings, but assists in redefining lifestyles to include the well-known traditional Indian wellness regimes of Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta combined with best of International Wellness Experiences to bring about the union of mind, body and soul.

Ananda Spa Packages

A wide range of Ananda Spa Packages are now being offered through 10 Year Itch to ensure that our patrons are able to experience one of the most modern spa facilities in the tranquility of the Himalayas.


Rediscover yourself through the ancient discipline of Yoga, which encompasses all aspects of life in order to balance the mind, body and spirit. Ananda Yoga enhances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual qualities in a simple, effective and practical manner.

Stress Management

Ananda Stress Management Programme focuses primarily on assisting you to experience and implement various mind and body techniques based on the concepts and philosophies of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and Ayurveda, for creating positive changes, reducing and managing stress and enhancing synergy in your life through a balanced approach.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

This is a personalized program that includes stimulating and purifying therapies, daily Yoga and Meditation and Dosha-specific Ayurvedic diet to help reduce stress, improve health and address common ailments or simply delay the aging process.

7 day Ananda Ayurvedic Santvanam Program for detoxifying, de-stressing and revitalizing.
14 day Ananda Ayurvedic Sodhanam Program for deep therapeutic effect and relief from specific medical and health conditions.
21 day Ananda Ayurvedic Rasayanam Program for all encompassing healing.

Active Package

The Ananda Spa Active package offers a combination of beautiful treks (Ranichouri, Kashmouli, and Rishikesh to Kunjapuri) in the area surrounding Ananda Spa in the foothills of the Himalayas and thrilling white water river rafting on Ganges. Our guide will personally identify the trek best suited to your requirements. Spa experiences have been carefully chosen to support and rejuvenate post your active outdoor schedules.

Yogic Detox Package

Ananda’s new Yogic Detox package uses the different Hatha yogic cleansing techniques (Shatkriya) to detox in a natural and effective way. Shatkriyas like Ayurveda are also used to balance the three doshas in the body. In Yogic detoxification, aspects of asana (Hatha yogic postures), pranayama (yogic breathing techniques), meditation and Yogic/Ayurvedic diet are incorporated along with Shatkriya to give profound experiences of vitalization and harmony. The intensity of the package increases with the duration of stay of the guest. The Yogic Detox package is not suitable for those with High blood pressure, hernia, peptic ulcer, recent heart surgeries and pregnancy.


ananda spa resort awards

ananda spa resort awards

ananda spa resort awards

Rooms, Spa and Activities

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