Varanasi Photo Tour

varanasi photo tour

Varanasi Photo Tour : Dev Diwali Festival

Duration : 4 days / 3 nights
Dates : November 25 to 28 (fixed departure)
Note : Private and customized itineraries for small groups on other dates can be arranged (subject to availability of our photographers).

Photography mentor and tour lead

varanasi photo tour indiaVaranasi Photo Tour is led by renowned travel photographer Arun Bhat. Arun has travelled extensively with his camera all over India for over a decade, photographing the culture, heritage and landscape of the country. He has been leading photography tours throughout India for the last four years, and is known for his friendly and welcoming approach to mentoring.

Arun’s images have won him several accolades including the popular Tamron Challenge India and the prestigious HIPA international photography award.

He has been traveling to Varanasi for four years now and has an excellent understanding of its narrow lanes, ghats and the photo opportunities in the city.

Varanasi Photo Tour Program

Participants arrive at the hotel in Varanasi before 4pm varanasi photo tour india 2on the first day. After the initial introduction, briefing and understanding of the photo opportunities for the evening, we head to witness the superb Dev Diwali Festival on the ghats (steps leading to the river). This evening, the entire stretch of ghats (3kms long) is lit with oil lamps – an extraordinary spectacle one can witness only once a year.

Next morning, we go on a boat ride in the Ganges to varanasi photo tour indiawitness and photograph hundreds of pilgrims arriving at the ghats for a ritual bath and to offer prayers. Take in the magical sunrise over the waters of Ganges. Just as the eternal sunrise, even life on the river bank hasn’t changed a lot over the millennia, giving you an opportunity to photograph the ancient traditions revered by millions.

Over the next two days, we will spend several sessions varanasi photo tour india 1understanding the nuances of photographing people and the streets, both in theory and practice. We will go on walks along the narrow streets as well as the long riverfront full of activity, aided by your able and experienced photography lead.

At the end of four days we would have gone through several theory, review and critique sessions.

This is an intensive photography tour that keeps you busy and heavily engaged all through the tour. At the end of it, you will be surprised at the new perspectives you have gained on photography!

Participants can depart after 10am on the last day of the tour.

Who can attend?

The only requirement for attending this tour is to have a keen interest in photographing people and street life. As this is a tour for people with an intent to get better with their photography while experiencing Varanasi, you are not required to have any specific background or knowledge in photography. Nor is equipment a constraint – any kind of camera will do. Being a small group tour, our mentor will be able to work with every participant, no matter what your background in photography is.

Please check with us if you have any questions.

Interested? Send in your enquiries.

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