India Packing List

india packing list

India Packing List

Even the most seasoned traveller often leaves something important behind. This custom designed India Packing List will ensure that you have everything you need for your trip to India.

Inflight Comfort Aids

Sleeping Masks

Our recommendation : Magellan’s Good Night Travel Sleep Mask Black
Scientists say that REM or Rapid Eye Movement phase of sleep cycle is the phase when a person is in deep and rejuvenating sleep. Lights Out Sleep Mask is designed to promote REM sleep by blocking light. It is lightweight and an unlike other sleeping masks, it is molded to allow free eye movement. Velcro closured elasticized strap provides a perfect fit, while the luxurious cushion keeps it comfortable.


Our recommendation : Eagle Creek Travel Gear Travel Ear Plug Set
Earplugs manufactured by Eagle Creek are made of urethane foam which are capable of reducing noise by 32db and are perfect for blocking noises like engine drone while traveling by air, snoring sounds and street noises. Not only are these earplugs comfortable and soft, they are also washable and can be stored in a provided travel container.

Motion Sickness Remedies

Our recommendation : Trip Ease – Motion Sickness Relief Miers Laboratories 32 TabsTrip Ease Nausea Relief Tablets
Trip Ease are chewable tablets made of 6 well-researched homeopathic ingredients. It is a natural complex and can be taken with any other medicine without side effects or reactions. One tablet must be taken right at the beginning of the trip followed by one every hour until motion sickness goes away. Each pack contains 32 tablets that have a pleasant taste.

Jetlag Preventions

Our recommendation : Lewis N. Clark No-Jet-Lag Homeopathic Flight Fatigue Remedy, 32 Tablets
Jetlag will occur whenever you fly from one time zone to another. No-Jet-Lag is a well-established remedy for all symptoms of jetlag and has been in use since 1990. This surprisingly effective medication comes in the form of chewable and pleasant-tasting tablets that are compatible with every known medicine and can be used by people of all ages. Available in packs of 32 tablets, each pack is suitable for 50 flying hours.

Neck Pillow

Our recommendation : TravelMate Memory Foam Neck Pillow
Comfort-Flex Pillow made of memory foam is a lightweight and bendable flexible pillow designed to provide custom support. It can provide neck support when wrapped around the neck or provide lumber support when slid behind. For lower back support and strain relief, the pillow can be kept under the knees. At 30” length, this pillow can be used with customized placement and can be easily rolled and packed when not in use. This makes it a perfectly versatile travel pillow.

Lumbar Cushion

Our recommendation : Duro-Med Relax-a-Bac
ComfortControl Lumbar Cushion is designed specifically for supporting your back. In space-efficient arrangements like coach seats in airplanes, you cannot expect comfort. This cushion can be used for correct positioning of your spine. This inflatable cushion also adapts to fluctuating temperatures in the cabin using microfiber on one side and breathable cool mesh on the other side. The unique recessed valve of the cushion will allow you to inflate it and adjust its firmness while you can easily deflate it within few seconds when needed. The removable cover allows easy washing while back strap loop can be slipped over the luggage handles. A 100% polyester travel pouch is included with the pack.

Packing Aids

Packing Cubes

Our recommendation : Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes
Eagle Creeks zippered Pack-It® Cubes are manufactured with Travel Micro-Weave. The cubes come with mesh see-through lids that allow you to see items inside the cubes easily. Even if your bag goes through airport security rummaging, you can still find your items quickly.

Compression Sacks

Our recommendation : Eagle Creek Compression Sac Set
Pack-It Compressor bag is designed for packing clothes that are too bulky to be packed easily. This compressor bag consists of plastic bag with triple lamination and a one-way valve. Simply put clothes that are bulky and difficult to pack in plastic bag and roll out the trapped air through the valve. This flattens the bag and saves 80% packing space. You can use the saved space for packing souvenirs on your way back. The compressor bag is perfect for dirty clothes but not ideal for those that wrinkle quickly.


Laundry Bag

Our recommendation : Travelon Stow-Away Laundry Bag
Drawstring closure feature of the nylon bag can be used for separating dirty laundry in your luggage. The laundry bag is lightweight and comes with a travel pouch for packing when not in use.

Laundry Kit

Our recommendation : Lewis N Clark Laundry Kit
Designed to satisfy the travel accessory needs of men and women whether on a business trip or vacation. Products offer high performance, stylish design and rugged durability. This laundry kit includes eight packets of Woolite cold water wash and a sink stopper for most sinks without a plug.


Our recommendation : Going In Style Travel Laundry Flexible Clothesline
Great for minimalist packing lists to help make hand washing a breeze!
Strong travel clothesline has loops on both ends that can stretch across the bathroom up to 7 feet and be attached to a shower head or towel rack.

Adapters, Converters, Electronics & Electrical

Travel Charger

Our recommendation : Jackery Bar
Jackery Bar is a compact external battery having 2.1A outcome created to extend mobile cellphone device’s battery life. It features high-energy density, rapidly charging speeds, far more light-weight design, and clever safe practices protection circuit, making it the many reliable on-the-go electricity companion.

Power Adapters

Our recommendation : Magellan’s Multi National To India Adaptor Plug
The slip-on F-pattern grounding adaptor plug is capable of accepting every major pattern of plug found across the globe and is capable of carrying through grounding of heavy-duty transformers.


Our recommendation : MagLite ST3D016 3-D Cell LED Flashlight
The MagLite LED Flashlight is designed for professional and consumer use with the craftsmanship, engineering and advanced technology present in all Mag flashlights. With a highly refined reflector and a quality LED, this black LED flashlight provides a brilliant adjustable beam.

Alarm Clock

Our recommendation : Elgin 2-Inch LCD Multifunction Alarm with Smartlite
This alarm clock has a big easy-to-read face but is still compact enough to be stashed in a carry-on back or a luggage bag. A flip stand ensures convenient usage and it is complete with a snooze button, 73db audio output and backlight.

Luggage & Luggage Accessories

Luggage Locks

Our recommendation : Searchalert TSA Locks 2 Pack Red
SearchAlert Combo Locks are designed for unmatched luggage security. These resettable mechanical three-dial combination locks come with security window that stays green when locked and turns red when it is opened by TSA using security tools or simply when someone tampers with the lock. If opened by TSA agent, there will be a Baggage Inspection notification. The lock combination can then be reset manually to turn the window green.

Day Packs

Our recommendation : PacSafe® MetroSafe 350 Day Pack
This daypack features cut-proof straps, identity theft protection with RDIF-blocking pocket, tamper-poof zippers, slash-proof panels and wire reinforcement. This heavy-duty and high-security light-weight daypack is capable of holding all essentials and has a specialized slip-pocket for those who want to carry their tablet or netbook. The front organizer zippered pocket comes with key clip, pen holder, padded pocket for gadgets and an additional pouch. Umbrella and water bottle can be tucked in the two pockets on the side.

Health & Safety

Money Belts

Our recommendation : Leather Travel Security Money Belt
This money belt made of distressed leather and has a brass buckle. The specialty of the belt is that on the reverse, it has a compartment for hiding cash. The compartment is zippered for added security.

Medical Kit

Our recommendation : Johnson & Johnson All Purpose First Aid Kit
Traveling can be associated with minor injuries and illnesses but they require immediate attention and hence, a medical kit in your luggage is a must. This Travel Medical Kit is ultra-compact and packs a wide range of medical implements, medications and bandages that become useful when injuries strike in the middle of nowhere.

Insect Repellants

Our recommendation : Adventure Medical Kits/Tender Corporation Natrapel, 8 Hour deet free repellent 12 pack wipes
Insects are great but in their own ecosystem and when you are outdoors and the sun sets down, you are intruding their world. So, they will greet you with red itchy welts. You can obviously go for DEET, but if you have a better alternative, why not use it? Natrapel Insect Repellent Wipes is a perfect alternative that can protect your skin from flying insects and ticks. These wipes are long-lasting and consist of Picaridin. They are odorless and non-toxic and are capable to protect you from insects for 8 hours straight. These wipes reduce the risk of diseases like Dengue Fever, Malaria, Nile Virus and others that are caused by insects.

Travel Emergency Kit for Women

Our recommendation : Women’s Edition Kit
In addition to medications, wound dressings, and blister care items, this kit includes all the items outdoorsy women have floating around somewhere in their pack. Make it easy on yourself and carry the only medical kit on the market designed for women.



Our recommendation : Bushnell Powerview 12 X 25 Compact Travel Binoculars
The Powerview binoculars are perfect for travelers. Powered with Bushnell® quality, these binoculars are perfect for a trip to India. Eyeglass comfort is ensured by twist-down eyecups. The binoculars are also made to be shock-resistant by using rubberized armor coating. The Powerview is fog-proof and waterproof.


Our recommendation : ShedRain WindPro Mini Umbrella Auto Open & Close
The perfect mini size with the best function to stay automatically dry. Throw this great umbrella in your pocket, purse or bag for easy on the go travel.

Hats for Women

Our recommendation : Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat
Keep your noggin protected when you’re on the water or portaging to the next put-in. UPF 50 fabric protects you from intense sun, while strategically placed vents and wicking fabric in the crown keep you cool and dry. Piping along the brim edge offers greater wind resistance when a summer storm unexpectedly brews.

Hats for Men

Our recommendation : Outdoor Research Men’s Transit Sun Hat
Designed to keep you cool and shaded from powerful UV rays, the expansive brim of the Transit Sun Hat™ keep the sun off your grill, while the venting mesh panels let the breeze cool your dome.

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