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Lonely Planet India – Book Review

lonely planet indialonely planet indiaaAnyone who has seen the size of the Lonely Planet India will wonder if there is really a need to lug it around while traveling.

While it is indeed a beast of a tome, the answer is a resounding yes! Within its pages, is a succinct and detailed overview of Indian destinations, historical facts, attractions, travel itineraries and interesting facts about culture, transport and cuisine.

While some may scoff at tourists with their noses buried in a guide book, the Lonely Planet India will arm you with everything you need to know about traveling around this captivating nation. In fact, it is safe to say it will become one of the most important things in your luggage.
lonely planet india

Any questions you might have from what to wear, what vaccinations you need, where you can volunteer, how to haggle, what train to catch and what to avoid to prevent cultural offence can all be answered.

lonely planet indiaIt has useful tips on shopping, what festivals to attend, the best time to visit particular regions, scams to look out for, simple phrases and visa information. It also has an insightful and valuable section for solo and woman travellers.

With the sheer size of the country and the cultural assault on the senses that India so often overwhelms visitors with, it’s not surprising that many people find the thought of planning their own journey around India a little daunting. But Lonely Planet’s experienced and passionate team of lonely planet indiawriters make researching and plotting your own trip an easy, seamless and enjoyable experience. Alternatively, if you are a whimsical ‘fly by the seat of your pants traveller’, having your Lonely Planet guide book close at hand means that the information you need for whichever town or city you have decided to go to next is always close at hand.

With its fairly up-to-date recommendations on budget, mid-range and luxury accommodation options, it is a great companion for the laid back backpacker right up to those lonely planet indiawho prefer a more luxurious and comfortable stay.

With detailed maps and ‘how to get there’ information, it is the perfect go-to guide when planning your trip to India. Its simple to navigate sections include everything you need to delve a little deeper, peel back the layers and discover the many sights, sounds, tastes, local cultures and experiences awaiting you.

Travel tip: If you have already finalized your itinerary before you leave, you can rip out the pages pertaining to lonely planet indiathe places you are visiting to avoid the excess weight of carrying the full sized Lonely Planet around.


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