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India Travel Gear : Two Must Haves

Having the right gear on a trip, no matter where you are going, can make all the difference. Two things that we highly recommend for your trip to India is a secure way to carry your money and an adaptor plug. Read on for our recommendations and tips.

Portable Money Belt

Nothing takes the fun out of a trip faster than losing important documents like your passport, credit cards, ID or cash. A great way to keep your important things safe and tucked away is to wear an undercover money belt. You will want to keep the bulk of your spending money as well as your passport and credit cards in your money belt. Keep a smaller amount of cash in another spot so you can make small purchases without having to get into your money belt. The idea here is to keep your most important documents and the bulk of your cash out of sight and on your person.

There are several styles available and over time they have really improved in comfort and durability.

Money Belt Waist Style

Money Belt Waist Style The money belt style is worn at the waist, underneath your clothing. It conceals your important documents and keeps them from inadvertently being left behind or from being picked out of your pocket or purse. This style works well for men and women. We like ones made from silk because they wick moisture and are soft against the skin.
Our Recommendation : Eagle Creek Travel Gear Undercover Money Belt Dlx

Pants Wallet Style

Pants Wallet Style
This is perfect for people who always wear a belt. It attaches to your belt and then hangs inside your pants. We recommend this option only if you will always be wearing a belt on your trip.
Our Recommendation : Eagle Creek Travel Gear Undercover Hidden Pocket

Neck Wallet Style

Neck Wallet StyleThis style hangs around your neck and is worn underneath your clothing. Depending what kind of shirt you wear, it is possible that the string can be seen. If you are going to be wearing higher necked items or scarves, the neck wallet style can be a good choice and works well for both men and women.
Our Recommendation : Travel Neck Pouch

If you are not sure what type will be most comfortable, you could purchase a few styles before your trip and try them out. Remember, the money belt only works if you wear it.

Adaptor Plug

Adaptor PlugIn the frenzy of trip planning and packing, sometimes the little things can get overlooked. Remember to keep your power needs in mind. Will you be charging your phone, laptop or camera while you are in your hotel? Then don’t forget to pack an adaptor plug. The plug style is different in India. Adaptor plugs are fairly inexpensive but become priceless if you show up someplace with a drained camera or phone.

An adaptor plug is easy to use. You just slip the end of your plug into one side of the adaptor and then the other side of the adaptor goes right into the wall. It’s that simple. The important thing to remember is to take it with you when you leave your hotel, especially if you are touring to different cities. Some of our friends who travel regularly always take two plugs along, just in case they happen to leave one behind.

Our recommendation : Grounded Adapter Plug

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