Sikkim Trek : Tholung Monastic

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Duration : 5 Days
Route : Tingvong → Tholung → Lingza → Tingvong → Gangtok / NJP

The highlight of this Sikkim Trek is the Tholung monastery which was built in 1789 is the oldest and most important monastery in Dzongu. It was founded by Lhatsun Chenpo Lama to keep Buddhist manuscripts and sacred relics safe from the invading Gorkhas. So this monastery holds some rare and valuable scriptures and artifacts. The brass Chorten within the monastery contains the ashes of one of the highly incarnate lamas, Lama Latsun Chembo, the patron saint of Sikkim. Every three years, in spring, the Tholung monastery treasures are opened up and shown to the pilgrims.

The trek starts from the village of Lingza, set amongst green paddy fields. A short traverse gets us on the bank of the Rimpi river which we follow all the way till Tholung. The route keeps criss crossing through some thick forests and stunning landscapes. The following day we visit the Tholung monastery and explore the surrounding holy caves.

Trek Grade : This trek is graded as Easy.
These trips are suitable for beginners; some suitable for kids. Family and small groups can enjoy these trips as the hikes are not very lengthy. These treks may be up to 5 days of walking with about 4hrs (avg) of walking each day. Usually up to 12,000 feet but max altitudes may reach up to 15,000 feet.

Best Season : Mid March to May and mid October to mid December.


Day 1 Tingvong

Pickup from Bagdogra / NJP / Gangtok and drive to trek base village Tingvong.

Day 2 Tholung

Trek for 5 hours to Tholung Monastery via Lingza.

Day 3 Tholung

Explore the region around Tholung Monastery.

Day 4 Tingvong

Trek for 5 hours to Tingvong via Lingza.

Day 5 Gangtok / NJP

Drive from Tingvong to Gangtok / NJP for your connections.

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