Nameri Eco Camp, Nameri National Park

nameri eco camp

Review of Nameri Eco Camp

Owned and managed jointly by the government of Assam and a NGO in association with the forest department, the Nameri Eco Camp is a wonderful place to stay and explore the Nameri National Park. For a government venture this place is surprisingly well-run and nicely maintained by an efficient staff.

Accommodations are in tents or thatched nameri eco camp cottages all of which back into private bathrooms that have hot water geysers. These are all set around a large grassy lawn where the evening bonfires are lit. Even though they are priced the same, the cottages are larger than the tents with more racks and shelves. We opted for the latter, as they seemed more insulated than the loosely thatched walls of the cottages. The tents are made of colorful fabrics with a netted lining. A thatched roof above the tent gives additional protection and creates a shaded porch outside the tent where we could sit on log benches and enjoy the evening tea.

Inside the tent there was enough room for two nameri eco camp single beds covered with thick comforters and quilts. There were also a couple of clothes’ racks and benches for storage. A small room at the back could hold an additional bed if required. The bathroom, though basic, was neat and functional. Although the overall accommodation quality was good enough, we didn’t find the beds to be particularly comfortable. The only consolation was that there were no creepy-crawly visitors during our 2-night halt and that kept me happy!

Our favorite part of the camp was nameri eco camp their lovely dining area, which was nicely furnished with dark wood furniture. In the evenings we would sit on the lounge chairs near its entrance and read while sipping on cups of black tea. All our meals were served here. Breakfast could be ordered a la carte or as a buffet of fruit juice, toasts, aloo-puri, eggs and tea/coffee. Lunch or dinner was ordered a la carte in advance and served perfectly on time by the staff. Food was always quite yummy and made of local flavor.

The Nameri Eco Camp is a wonderful place to spend a couple of nights and unwind. The camp manager and his friendly staff ensured that we had a comfortable stay and arranged all the activities for us perfectly! They made our camp stay quite memorable!

Rating: 9 out of 10

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