Bhavnagar Hotels : Hotel Mausam

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Bhavnagar Hotels : Hotel Mausam

Hotel Mausam was listed in LP as a decent budget option. So when we could find no other hotels with availability in Bhavnagar, we were quite happy to get reservations here. But when the auto dropped us off at its main door, I got a little nervous. Station road, where the hotel is located, is a narrow road that hasn’t been re-paved since it was first built. It’s in a dusty area that is lined with industrial stores and small, crowded  residential places. It looked like we were in the middle of a village – there was no restaurant or normal-looking store in sight.

The lobby of the hotel was huge but looked uncared for. We eventually found the rooms to be uncared for too . Madhu opted for their deluxe A/C room and that turned out to be a large double-room with white-tiled floors, an air-conditioner, a color TV and the usual stuff. At one glance it seemed quite livable but we soon realized that it was a bit grubby. The floor mat outside the bathroom was downright dirty and had no business being somewhere other than in a trash can. The white tiles were stained too and definitely needed some work. The bathroom was okay but again didn’t feel super-clean. On the 2nd day, after we returned from a tiring Shatrunjaya trek, we found that the hotel staff had forgotten to get our laundry done, had left a stained comforter on our bed and had forgotten to place fresh towels and soaps for us .  It was all too frustrating even though they replaced the comforter and did bring in fresh towels after we complained.

Since there was no place outside to eat (plus the area seemed too shady to be out on the streets at night), on both nights we ordered in from their in-house restaurant. The food was mediocre and nothing to write about – it wasn’t bad but just not great.

Overall, a very disappointing stay. Now we know why rooms here were available. Bhavnagar, being an industrial town, is usually visited by business men or by those, like us, who plan to visit Palitana. Both categories of people must have filled up the nicer hotels and left Hotel Mausam for ignorant fools like us who are going only by what LP says. Next time we’ll be far more careful in our hotel search…

Rating: 4 out 10

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