Gujarat – summary

We spent a total of 21 days in Gujarat. We started at the eastern end with Baroda and Ahmedabad, worked our way southwest through Saurashtra, then north through Kutchch and finally back west, ending with the wonderful 12th century monuments in Modhera and Patan. It feels like we’ve seen a good chunk of the lovely state!

Here’s what I loved most about the state :

  • Little Rann of Kutchch sanctuary: Nothing compares to the beauty of this place! It has got to be Gujarat’s biggest selling point.
  • Sasan Gir’s well-managed lion sanctuary: Our lion encounter at the sanctuary was absolutely special and an unforgettable moment of my life.
  • Champaner’s lost glory: I’ve seen many beautiful and better-maintained mosques in Delhi and Agra, but somehow the forlorn, vacant mosques of Champaner seemed hauntingly more serene and stunning!
  • Gujarati thalis: Yummm, these were really, really good; especially the ones that served warm Jalebis for desert.

I wish the state govt would do more to promote tourism in Gujarat. Many of the towns like Palitana and Junagadh, which have fantastic historical monuments, hardly have any facilities for tourists. Overall, the infrastructure in Saurashtra definitely needs a boost; that itself would surely improve tourism in the area. Also, the UNESCO world heritage site of Champaner needs to be better managed and promoted; even the local crowd barely knew about its existence .

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