Hotel Prince & Hotel Shiv, Bhuj

Hotel Prince


Rating: 7 out of 10

Hotel Prince is said to be the 1st 3-star hotel in Kutchch. LP had recommended it so we knew it would be one of the best places to stay. And it was! We were given a Deluxe double-room, which was beautifully decorated. It was a spacious room with wooden floors and decorative Kutchchi mud-work on the walls and ceilings. The bed was one of the best we’ve had in all our Gujarat stay. It was supremely comfortable with a soft, thick comforter on top. The only negative in the room, was that the bathroom wasn’t great. Of course, it was a functioning one with no problems of any sort, but it just wasn’t 3-star.

Food could be ordered from the restaurants that are on-site; Toral (Gujarati Thali – purely veg) and Jesal (all cuisines – veg and non-veg). . We ordered room service from Jesal and enjoyed a Gujarati Thali at Toral. The food was great and of good quality.

They claim to have internet but this is provided thru just one computer in a small room close to the reception area. They charge Rs.60 per hour.

Overall, the stay was very comfortable and luxurious. We highly recommend it! They have another hotel, Prince Residency, but it is located a little far from the main town area. It looked great from outside and could also have been a great place to stay if we had a car to our disposal to get around.

Rating: 8 out of 10 (would have been a 9 if the bathroom was updated to 3-star quality)

Shiv Hotel

Rating: 7 out of 10

Shiv Hotel was suggested to us by a local who said that it was relatively new and a good place to stay. It is located very close to the market area and State Transport bus stand, which is quite convenient. The lobby of the hotel was well decorated and gave a good impression as we walked in. The rooms were large and reasonably priced as well. We got a double-room, which had a separate seating area, an armoire, a color TV and a comfortable double-bed. The wall against which the bed was placed was nicely decorated with some Kutchchi mud-work and recessed lighting placed within wooden panels. Overall, it was a very nice room. Since it’s not in the LP books and relatively new, it’s not very popular yet. But I’m sure it’ll do well in time.Unfortunately, the hotel doesn’t have room service but we were able to order a light breakfast.

bhuj hotel shiv

bhuj hotel shiv

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