Hotel Valiant, Vadodara

Hotel Valiant was listed in LP to be a good mid-range option, so we decided to check it out first. It occupies the 7th and 8th floors of a building called BBC Towers in Sayyajigunj, which is less than half a kilometer from the train station. So we walked the distance and found the building easily. However, finding the entrance to the hotel wasn’t as easy. The first entrance we walked up to had no signs but just an office space. A bunch of guys hanging out there told us that the main entrance was round the corner. So we walked around the corner and entered another entrance that had two elevators. We got into one but it refused to stop at the 7th or 8th floors. Finally, a security guard on the 5th floor told us that we need to exit the building and take another entrance, which would take us to the hotel’s lobby. So we rode the elevator back down and walked out again. This time we found the right entrance – it had the hotel’s name on it as well. The elevator, though extremely claustrophobic, took us safely to the hotel’s main lobby on the 7th floor. I wasn’t expecting much from a budget hotel, but it turned out to be surprisingly well-kept. It is newly renovated – fresh paint, new marble floorings and fixtures – and very clean.

Our room (AC/Dbl) was spacious, had a comfortable bed, a functioning air-conditioner, a color TV with some decent channels and a neat bathroom. The hotel doesn’t have an in-house restaurant but it has a kitchen – so we were able to order in breakfast. Overall, we are super-pleased – highly recommended!

Rating: 7 out of 10 (No wireless … but they are working on having it setup soon).

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