Photo Tour of Khara Pathar

khara pathar himachal pradesh

Khara Pathar

Khara Pathar derives its name from a colossal egg shaped boulder.

kharapathar himachal pradesh
On her way home

It is a perfect leisure destination with lush forests, excellent walk and hike trails.

khara pathar himachal pradesh
Taking a break on the way to Gaurighat

Once past the crowded village market, the road goes uphill and has great views of the valley below as well as the surrounding hills.

khara pathar himachal pradesh
Going home after a long day at school. The poor kids have to walk for about 1.5 hours to get home.

Large cedar trees and green apple orchards line the road on either side.

himachal pradesh
View of the valley

himachal pradesh
Lone tree

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