Tea Tour of Palampur


Palampur is surrounded by lush green tea gardens and is often described as the ‘Tea capital of Northern India’.

Wah Tea Estate (owned by the royal family of West Bengal)

Tea was introduced to Kangra in 1849 by Dr. William Jameson, a botanist from Peshawar, who found the soil and weather conditions in the valley to be apt for tea cultivation.

After a brief tour of Wah Tea Estate (no photography was allowed within the factory), we stopped by one of local small scale tea factories.

palampur tea factory
This contraption is used for drying the tea leaves

palampur tea factory
Rolling the leaves

palampur tea factory
Tea leaves ready to be sold at the local cooperative

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2 Responses to Tea Tour of Palampur

  1. vaibhav sahni May 31, 2010 at 7:05 pm #

    hey guys …we met in thanedar ….how r u …beautiful pics palampur….

    • Madhu May 31, 2010 at 10:59 pm #

      Hey Vaibhav,
      Good to hear from you.

      We were talking about you guys last week. How are you guys doing?
      We never ended up going to Sangla. We ended up going to Tirthan Valley from Thanedar. It was lovely.

      We stayed at Raju’s Guesthouse – excellent place to chill out.

      Did you guys go to Sangla?

      Give our regards to Mahima.

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