Hatkeshwari Mata Temple Complex

Hatkeshwari Mata Temple Complex is located at Hatkoti, a beautiful bowl-like hamlet opening out into the Pabbar Valley. It is an important pilgrimage site due to the confluence of Bishkulti & Raanvti streams and the Pabbar river.

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‘Bowl like’ Hatkoti

Durga is worshipped as Hatkeshwari Mata in this area.

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Main Entrance

As per the legend, Mahishasur (buffalo-demon) had acquired a boon from Lord Brahma that no man or god could defeat him. To stop Mahishasur from creating havoc, the gods created Durga from their combined powers. Durga killed Mahishasur at Hatkoti after 10 days of battle.

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View of the Complex from the Main Entrance

The temple complex consists of a main temple dedicated to Durga and a smaller temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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Shiva Temple (extreme left) and Mahishasurmardini Temple (extreme right)

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Mahishasurmardini Temple

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Guarding the entrance to Mahishasurmardini Temple

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Mahishasurmardini Temple

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