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Bijapur Hotels : Hotel Madhuvan International

Our taxi driver insisted that this was the best value-for-money hotel in town and he was spot-on!

Located conveniently near the center of Station Road, which runs across the breadth of the little town, the hotel is perfect for exploring all the attractions, which are within a radius of about 2 to 3kms on either side. Since it’s tucked inside an alley that shoots north of the main road, it’s a relatively quieter location as well.

The hotel is more like a large lodge run by friendly staff. bijapur hotels However, it has recently been given a fresh coat of paint and that gives its rooms and hallways a brighter appearance. For Rs.600 per night (Rs.300 extra for air-conditioning), our double-room was quite comfortable with ample storage space, comfy beds, TV with cable and an acceptable bathroom. In fact, in any other city, we would have probably paid about Rs.1000, at least, for such a room – it was great!

The hotel has a restaurant downstairs that serves excellent vegetarian fare and is quite popular with the locals. In the evening, they set out tables and chairs in their small lawn, which becomes a nice setting for a relaxed meal.

The staff, from the wait-staff to the ones at the reception, made our stay more comfortable by being super-warm and friendly at all times. When we had 3hrs to kill before our 9pm bus to Hyderabad and nowhere to go, we sat in their garden restaurant over coffee, snacks and finally, dinner, without a word from the server in spite of having a busy evening.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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