mahakuta temples

Mahakuta Temples

The Mahakuta group of temples was constructed by the early Chalukya kings in the 7th Century AD.

mahakuta temples
Mahakutesvara temple

There is a large spring water tank, in the middle of the complex, locally known as Vishnu Pushkarni (Lotus pool of Lord Vishnu),

mahakuta temples
Vishnu Pushkarni

There is a small shrine in Vishnu Pushkarni with a four-faced Shiva lingam.

mahakuta temples
Chaunukha Lingam

mahakuta temples
Closeup of the Chaunukha Lingam

mahakuta temples
Kotilingam – Lingam # 1

The Mallikarjuna temple is one of the largest temples in the complex.

mahakuta temples
Narasimha sculpture outside Mallikarjuna Temple


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