Hari Niwas Palace Hotel, Jammu

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Jammu Hotels : Hari Niwas Palace Hotel

This is a 20th century palace, converted into a heritage hotel, is located a few kilometers north of Low 2010-06-06 Jammu 01 Hari Nivas 01 the city of Jammu on a small hillock with fantastic views of the Tawi river behind it. The facade of the palace is quite unlike most Indian palaces: all white and square. However, the interiors are much nicer with paintings of the royal family that once lived in it and antique-looking furniture. Our double-room was large with an extremely comfortable bed, plenty of storage, TV with cable, a nice bathroom and most importantly, air-conditioned! The cost of stay included breakfast, which was a good deal.

The lawns behind the palace are gorgeous especially because of the excellent views of the Tawi River. In Low 2010-06-06 Jammu 01 Hari Nivas 03 the evenings, dinner is served here. Our breakfast was served in the coffee house, which was small but well-furnished and comfortable.

The hotel is right by Amar Mahal Palace, which was the last official residence of the Dogra Rajas. It’s a lovely brick and stone structure and visitors are allowed inside as well.

Overall, Hari Niwas is a top place to stay at in Jammu; highly recommended!

Rating: 9 out of 10

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