Wild Bactrian Camels of Diskit

nubra valley bactrian camels

Nubra Valley : Wild Bactrian Camels

Bactrian camels of Nubra Valley are large even-toed ungulates native to Central Asian steppes. They are a critically endangered sub species with very few of them left in the wild.

nubra valley
Perfectly camouflaged – There are 3 of them in this picture !

The two humps store fat, which can be converted to energy when sustenance is not available. As the fat depletes, the humps become floppy and flabby.

bactrian camels ladakh
With one floppy hump

bactrian camels ladakh
Bactrian Camels

The camel’s body is covered with thick brown hair which is shed during the summer months.

nubra valley
Shedding in Progress

These camels rarely sweat, helping them conserve fluids for longer durations.

nubra valley

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