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Nubra Valley : Sumur

Sumur is a picturesque village in the Nubra Valley with lovely green and yellow fields.

sumur nubra valley
Sumur Village

sumur nubra valley
Mustard Fields

Sumur village is popular on the tourist circuit for the Samstemling Gompa.

nubra valley ladakh
Samstemling Gompa

This Gompa was founded by Lama Tsultrim Nima about 150 years ago.

leh adakh
Waiting for the lamaji to open the gompa

This Gompa houses about 100 lamas.

leh ladakh
Head Lama’s accommodations

Samstemling Gompa is known for its elaborate frescos and Thankas.

sumur ladakh

Thankas are Tibetan silk paintings with embroidered borders, usually depicting a mandala, or Buddhist deities.


Inner Sanctum

nubra ladakh
Sumur Village

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