Suru Valley Pictures – Set 1

The Suru valley, running from Kargil to Penzi La , is located in the Ladakh region of J&K. Its population of about 25,000 is a mix of Dard and Tibetan descents.

Kargil to Panikher

2010-06-21  Kargil to Panikher 06 LP Low
Suru Valley

Saliskote is a village is about 22 kms from Kargil on the way to Padum. It used to be one of the most educationally backward villages in the area until a branch of the Mutahhary Public School was established in 1993.

2010-06-21  Kargil to Panikher 03 Low
Darul Quran E Meraj, Saliskote

2010-06-21  Kargil to Panikher 01 Low
Maitreya Buddha @ Kartse (near Sanku)

In the lower Suru Valley (Kargil to Parkachik), majority of the population are followers the Shia form of Islam. They had converted from Tibetan Buddhism in the 16th century under the direction of Thi-Namgyal.

2010-06-21  Kargil to Panikher 05 Low
Kartse local

The lower part of the valley, altitudes below 3000 metres, is one of the most agriculturally productive parts of Ladakh.

Low 2010-06-21  Kargil to Panikher 07
Suru Valley towards Panikher

2010-06-21  Kargil to Panikher 04 Low
Suru Valley towards Panikher


Panikher is a moderately sized valley about 40 km from Kargil. It’s a good place to break the journey to Rangdum/Padum.

Low 2010-06-21  Panikher 02 LP

Low 2010-06-21  Panikher 01 LP
Brick House, Panikher

Low 2010-06-21  Panikher 11
Near the foot hills, Panikher

Kids @ Panikher

Low 2010-06-21  Panikher 09 LP

Low 2010-06-21  Panikher 04

Low 2010-06-21  Panikher 03

Low 2010-06-21  Panikher 07 LP
Savi with the school kids

Low 2010-06-21  Panikher 06

Low 2010-06-21  Panikher 05

Low 2010-06-21  Panikher 08

Low 2010-06-21  Panikher 10

Panikher to Rangdum

Rangdum is located midway between Kargil and Padum. It is about 100 kilometers from Kargil.

Low 2010-06-22 Panikher to Rangdum 02
Outside Panikher

Low 2010-06-22 Panikher to Rangdum 01 LP

The spectacularly beautiful valley is, however, practically uninhabited past Parkachik.

Low 2010-06-22 Panikher to Rangdum 07 LP

Low 2010-06-22 Panikher to Rangdum 06 LP

Low 2010-06-22 Panikher to Rangdum 04 LP

Chortens are cone shaped stupas containing Buddhist relics. It represents the 5 elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space.

Low 2010-06-22 Panikher to Rangdum 05

Low 2010-06-22 Panikher to Rangdum 11 LP
Village near Rangdum

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