Zangla, located about 35 kms from Padum, is the nodal point on the popular Padum-Strongdey-Zangla-Karsha-Padum round trip. It is know for its monastery and palace.

Contorted strata near Rinam village

Zangla Monastery

This Monastery is home to around 150 lamas and an old nunnery.

zangla monastery
Zangla Monastery

The nuns here lead a very austere life style.

ladakh buddhist nun
This nun has been living in this nunnery since she was a young child

ladakh buddhist nun
A nun lighting lamps

zangla monastery
View from the Monastery

Zangla Palace

Zangla was being ruled by a titular king till his death a few years back.

ladakhi king
The current ‘King of Zangla’

Since 2008, every summer a group of international volunteers ( Csoma’s Room ) come to Zangla and join their efforts with the local people to save the palace from collapsing.

The great Hungarian scholar Csoma made the first English-Tibetian Dictionary in 1823, while living in this palace. The dictionary was published a year later in 1824.

zangla palace

The building is being saved using local materials, traditional methods, local labor and enthusiastic volunteers.

zangla palace
Prayer room


zangla palace
View from the palace roof

csoma zanskar ladakh
A recent name plate outside Csoma’s room

csoma zanskar ladakh
Inside Csoma’s room

csoma zanskar ladakh
Graffiti left behind by ‘Csoma-philes’ …

Apart from restoration, the group provides books and stationary supplies to the local schools.

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