Park Hotel, Bhopal

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Park Hotel, Bhopal

In the past we have stayed in the older parts of a city just because it’s usually closer to all the sights and therefore, has tons of options for budget hotels. But from those stays we’ve experienced that the old city is invariably very crowded and chaotic. It is also usually the filthier part of town. So in Bhopal we decided to stay in the newer part of town and from the options listed in LP, Park Hotel sounded best in terms of location and price.

Park Hotel is actually part of a shopping mall. It occupies the right hand-side of the mall. The ground floor is shared by the reception desk and a kitchen store. The rooms occupy the floors above. Our AC, double-room was slightly cramped compared to other places we’ve stayed at. Plus compared to the lobby, which is newly updated and modern-looking, the rooms are old and definitely need a makeover. But it turned out to be quite a comfortable place. The bed was comfortable and the bathroom functioned well without giving any problems. In fact, the hot water here was truly hot and refreshing, and available every time we needed it.

Although, there weren’t many eateries around, we could walk to a couple of them. There was a theatre close by too (wanted to watch 3 Idiots again but didn’t get the time ). Since the hotel is on a busy street, the place was abuzz even late in the evening, making it safe to walk around.

They don’t have onsite laundry services but they were able to get our clothes laundered elsewhere for a very reasonable late.

There’s no onsite restaurant either but room service is available. We only ordered in breakfast and it wasn’t bad.

Overall, our stay here was great value for money!

Rating: 7 out of 10

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