Bhopal Restaurants

bhopal restaurants

Bhopal Restaurants

Over the past 2 weeks in MP, we’ve realized that the state doesn’t have any special or unique cuisine to offer. So when we got to Bhopal, we didn’t bother reading LP to figure out where to eat. We just ate at the restaurants that were within walking distance of our hotel.

Kwality Restaurant

Address: New Market, T.T. Nagar, Bhopal
Phone: 91 755 2466482

We stumbled on to this restaurant while walking around in search of Indian Coffee House, which was supposed to be close by. Not wanting to waste time in searching further, we walked in here. And it wasn’t a bad decision.

Kwality Restaurant is a fast-food joint, like the Shiv Sagar chain found in Mumbai. This is probably a franchisee as I found many Kwality restaurants listed in various cities on the web. The first time we ate there, we tried their chaat, which was just about okay taste-wise – I guess very few places can get chaat right. But the food tasted fresh and was of decent quality. The second time we stopped by, we ordered sandwiches and Idli-Sambar. Both of these were really good, especially the Idli, which was pleasantly surprising.

Overall: It’s a clean place to eat but not one to go in search of.

Rating: 5 out of 10

Top n Town Ice Cream Parlor

Address: Shop No. 4, New Market, T.T. Nagar, Bhopal

Again, we found this place while walking around in the neighborhood of our hotel. It’s not a restaurant; just a bakery and ice-cream shop with a few plastic stools for seating. They are a chain ‘coz we saw many of these in other neighborhoods and other cities as well. They sell sandwiches, burgers and rolls, all vegetarian, along with pastries and ice-cream. Open from 11am to 11:30pm, most of the food is sold out by the end of the day.

Over 3 visits, we tried their sandwiches, burgers, rolls, pizza and ice-cream; all of them were very edible! They were fresh and filling for a quick snack. The staff was very friendly as well and gave us big smiles when we went by the 2nd and 3rd time.

We tried their ‘Matka Kulfi Ice-cream’ and this was absolutely the yummiest!

Rating: 7 out of 10

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