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Gwalior Hotels : Hotel Sita Manor

Hotel Sita Manor was, surprisingly, recommended by another hotel in the area. We first went to Hotel Gwalior Regency, which was mentioned in Lonely Planet. We called the number in the book and were told that rooms were available for Rs.850. But when we got there we found that the price quoted was for their sister hotel, which was a run-down version of the former. Hotel Gwalior Regency looked like a 3 or 4-star hotel and quoted Rs.3,200 per night, which was a little too much for us. But the staff there was quite nice and they recommended a couple of other, more reasonably priced places and Hotel Sita Manor was the first on the list.

Sita Manor is like any run-of-the-mill budget hotel that might be used by traveling business-men for overnight stays. There is nothing special or unique about it. We were just happy to find a reasonable place to stay as it was already late and we were tired after the long train journey. Our air-conditioned, double-room was large, had high ceilings, a color TV, a small dressing area and a run-down bathroom. For Rs.1,650 a night, the bathroom should have been much better. It had a bathtub, which looked like it hadn’t been used or cleaned in a while. There was no shower-curtain either. When we complained, they cleaned the tub and placed a shower-curtain as well. They claimed to have hot water but it didn’t work all that well. In fact, on the day we checked out, there was no hot water at all. It was all quite a pain to deal with!

Sita Manor is not a bad place to stay for a night or two, but we’ve stayed at much cheaper places that have far more charm and character than here. So this was a forgettable experience!

Rating: 5 out of 10

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