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Mandu : Village Group of monuments

The monuments of Mandu have been classified into different groups based on location. Jama Masjid, Hoshang Shah’s Tomb and Ashrafi Mahal are collectively referred to as the Village Group of monuments.

Jama Masjid

The construction of the Jama Masjid, based on the Omayyad Mosque in Damascus, was started by Hoshang Shah and completed by Mahmud Khalji in 1454 AD.

mandu jama masjid
Jama Masjid

This is one of the finest Afghan buildings in India.

mandu jama masjid

mandu jama masjid
Central Courtyard

mandu jama masjid
Side Verandah

The western colonnade which serves as the prayer hall has numerous rows of arches and pillars.

mandu jama masjid
Raised pulpit next to the central niche

mandu jama masjid><br />
<em>Prayer Hall</em></p>
<p>There are apartments on either end of the Prayer Hall, which were used by the royalty.</p>
<h3>Hoshang Shah’s Tomb </h3>
<p>This is where Malwa’s most powerful sultan, Hoshang Shah, is buried.</p>
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Hoshang’s Shah’s Tomb

Four of Shah Jahan’s architects had visited here in 1659.

mandu Hoshang Shah's Tomb
Inside the tomb

The colonnade with three rows of pillars running to the west of the tomb, has a lot of Hindu influence in its architecture.

mandu Hoshang Shah's Tomb

Ashrafi Mahal

This was built by Sultan Mahmud in 1443 to mark his battle with the Maharaja of Mewar.

mandu Ashrafi Mahal
View of Jama Masjid from Ashrafi Mahal

mandu Ashrafi Mahal
Vijay Stubh

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