Khajuraho Restaurants

khajuraho restaurants

Khajuraho Restaurants

Where food is concerned, most of Khajuraho’s restaurants seem to cater mainly to its foreign tourists. These restaurants offer varied cuisines, Italian and Korean being the most common. Madhu and I were in no mood to try these. So, apart from our all-time favorite, street-side tea and samosas, we stuck to two restaurants that offered authentic Indian food.

Restaurant Agarwal

Address: Jain Temple Rd, Khajuraho

We asked Hotel Zen’s staff to recommend a good place to eat and they told us about Agarwal, which is just a few stores to the west of the hotel. It’s very easy to miss this restaurant as it’s tucked behind another hotel and the entrance is a small passageway on the side of the hotel. When we first walked across the dark passageway and entered the small, grungy-looking restaurant at the back, we weren’t sure if we should really eat there. But since it was recommended we decided to give it at least one try. And I’m so glad we did!

They offer pure veg, Marwari food and it was absolutely yummy! In the 3 days of our Khajuraho stay, we ate 2 lunches and 3 dinners here . Their ‘Simple Thali’, which we ate almost every time we were there, was outstanding! It came with 3 sabzis (including a paneer dish), yogurt, dal, rotis (tawa or tandoori) and rice – all unlimited! The food was always freshly prepared and of very high quality.

Though the place looks a little old and run-down, it was always quite clean. The staff was always very friendly and served us with great warmth. We greatly enjoyed our meals here. Highly recommended!

Rating: 8 out of 10

Madras Coffee House

Address: Corner of Main Rd and Jain Temple Rd, Khajuraho

Madras Coffee House comes highly recommended by the guidebooks. And after the wonderful food at Gwalior’s Indian Coffee House, we were looking forward to eating here. But, unfortunately, it didn’t quite match up .

For one, the restaurant is not very appealing in terms of cleanliness. The ugly, blue-tiled walls give the place a very shabby look and the plastic chairs and tables, placed closely, don’t make it any better. Secondly, the food, which is most important, was just not as good. Since it’s a south-Indian restaurant, I expect the idlis, dosas, sambhar and chutney to be perfect – but they weren’t . The filter coffee was good but not great. Madhu tried their French Toast and this was far better than the south-Indian fare.

The restaurant is strategically located at the corner of two busy streets across from the western group of temples.

Rating: 5 out of 10

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