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Gangtok Hotels : Hotel Lakar

Coming from Pelling in shared jeeps, we were dropped off at Gangtok’s private jeep stand, which is on Arithang Rd. From there we walked downhill inspecting the hotels en route and finally settled on Hotel Lakar because of its large rooms and a large, wall-mounted LCD TV, for a reasonable rate – Rs.1,100 (off season rates, of course!). The hotel prides itself for the view of Kanchenjunga that some of the rooms, including ours, have but for us it was not really the selling point – we just wanted a comfortable place to chill.

gangtok hotels Lakar’s rooms are very large and can comfortably sleep a couple of kids as well. Its furniture, which includes a couple of shelves and armoires, is completely mismatched with no cohesive theme but they serve the purpose! The mattress was soft and comfortable with softer comforters at the top – this was what we cherished the most. The bathroom had a tub, which looked old and a little tattered. We stayed here for four nights during which they had an issue with the hot water pipes and caused us a lot of grief.

The hotel has a restaurant, which is below street level and is therefore quite hidden – I doubt they get any street traffic. We ordered in breakfast of bread, butter, jam, a couple of times but that’s hardly something to gauge the restaurant’s food by.

Overall, our stay at Hotel Lakar was quite comfortable except for the water issue in between. One other thing that irked us was that after about 10pm, there’s no one at the reception desk or entrance gates to help if anything went wrong. They simply lock the main doors and disappear until the following morning. So we had to take the desk manager’s phone number before stepping out for the evening just in case we get locked out or need something.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Address: Arithang Road, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101
Phone: 91 95 47351031

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