Hotel Brijwasi Royal

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Mathura Hotels : Hotel Brijwasi Royal

This 3-star hotel and is probably one of the nicer ones in town, as we really didn’t see many other upscale hotels. Moreover, they keep getting visits from local dignitaries i.e. people who ride in govt vehicles and are very important-looking. mathura hotel brijwasi royalSo I’m quite certain this is ‘the’ place to be in Mathura. And the hotel’s quite nice too. The reception staff is friendly and efficient. Our room had a nice, comfortable bed, with ample room around it, air-conditioning¬†and relatively good fixtures.

There’s marble-tile flooring throughout, which is kept clean by the hotel staff – carpets tend to make a place feel dusty. The bathroom, which has a nice-sized bathtub, could use a few upgrades but is functioning and neat. The only negative is that they did not have any internet access.

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