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Go Trotting! with Ehsaan Noorani

Ehsaan NooraniWe are honored to kick start our Go Trotting celebrity interview series with Ehsaan Noorani, part of the hugely successful trio Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy (SEL).

While on tour do you get time to visit any of the places you perform at?

Well, if we get time we do try and catch some of the sights. Like when we were on tour in USA last year we had some gaps between the shows and managed to go to a few places .

Have you been to any place while traveling or on tour where the people made a distinct impression on you?

Most people all over are very hospitable to us and are very friendly. It is very difficult to single out one place where the people have been particularly impressive. We get a warm response at almost every place be it the audience or the just the people of the city.

How does travel influence the music you create?

Ehsaan Noorani Shankar Ehsaan Loy

With Shankar and Loy

Travel definitely relaxes you even though at times it is fairly hectic on tour. Holidays help the brain recharge so that one can get back into the studio with a blank slate to begin composing again.

What is the best thing about traveling as a part of your job?

The fun of travelling to different cities all over the world and within India and meeting new people and performing for new audiences.

What is the worst thing about traveling as a part of your job?

Early morning flights and jet lag both are not happening.

What is your idea of a perfect holiday?

Where I can totally chill out and not be pressured to do anything. A holiday on my own terms.

What was your most recent travel experience?

At the IIFA Awards

At the IIFA Awards

My last trip to the USA after the IIFA awards in Cananda. I visited Ohio and then on to Chicago and Dallas. While I was in Chicago I saw a U2 concert and I did Skydiving what an experience that was!.

And where do you want to go next?

I want to do a deep-sea diving trip somewhere; maybe the Maldives or Madagascar. I love the beach and the sea.

What do you always take with you?

My migraine and heatburn medication. I make sure I carry my lap top with some movies loaded on and I carry my iPod. I always carry my training shoes so I can get in some work out time anywhere. I have learned from experience that one should not over-pack.

Your best piece of travel advice?

Experience a city not only from its tourist spots but from the people. Sit at a cafe and watch people go by and talk to some people in a pub; it all adds up to a good experience. Eat where the locals do and not at some fast food place. Walk the streets aimlessly, turn into some quaint lane and check it out.

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