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I might as well keep the countdown going … there are 33 weeks left for the year to end. Weeks are passing by quickly but not quickly enough. One solace is that the month of June will be engaged with family visiting from India…

My India Itinerary spreadsheet has grown humungous. And it’s proving to be more and more valuable. At a glance, I can see what sights need to be visited in which state. Except for Andhra, I have gone through all the states and Union Territories. The number of days required to visit all these places, excluding – Andhra, the time required to travel from one point to the next, the time spent with family spread across India, the days of lazing in pretty places like Kerala, Goa and Himachal – is about 420!!! We knew that it would take a year to see all of India but we had no idea that it would be much more than that.

Now we are beginning to worry whether our budget for the trip is good enough or not. I think it is.  We plan to keep a diary of all expenses each day – this will be very important in order to keep a tab on our budget and track where we are spending the most. This will be Madhu’s job – I will be in charge of updating this blog with all the details of the day including places we visited, hotels we stayed at and restaurants we ate at.

The next step is to visit our Tax consultant, who also doubles as our finance consultant, for advise on how to handle the renting of our house, paying taxes for 2009, etc.. – will keep this blog posted…

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