Kerala Backwaters
Unique to the southern Indian state of Kerala, the Kerala Backwaters are formed by a 900 mile long network of canals, lakes and rivers. The canals (both natural and manmade) connect the big lakes while the rivers feed the lakes. The beautiful network of rivers, deltas, estuaries, canals and lakes make the Kerala Backwaters one of the top tourist attractions in India. Those who look for tranquility and romanticism in the lap of Mother Nature, the Kerala Backwaters offer them the perfect cradle.
The Kerala Backwaters are characterized by a unique ecosystem because of the confluence of fresh water from rivers and salt water from Arabian Sea. This beautiful and exotic lagoons system is populated by mudskippers, frogs, crabs, turtles, otters, cormorants, darters, kingfisher and terns. Pandanus shrubs and palm trees are the major forms of flora found in the place.
The most beautiful of all is the Vembanad backwater with Vembanad being South Asia’s longest lake opening to the Arabian Sea at Cochin Harbor. The numerous islands along Cochin coast break the sea wave making the backwater calm and tranquil. The luxurious and romantic houseboats offering overnight stays on the silent waters is the backwater’s major attraction.
The Kollam district offers the second most popular place to experience the backwaters. Astamudi Lake is home to many endangered aquatic species in the world.
Kerala Backwaters is about a holiday with no gadgets, no urban cacophony and no stress. This is where you can rewind your life with soothing breeze, nature’s music and fleeting time where you do nothing but relax and allow Mother Nature to heal your bruised heart and soul.

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