Happy Onam!

Yippee, its September already! And today is our favorite Mallu festival – Onam. For the past couple of years we’ve got together with our mallu friends to celebrate and have a proper Onam feast (potluck, of course!). But this year I’ve been too distracted to organize anything. So it’s going to be a private celebration with Madhu and Shayna.

There are days when I feel that everything is dragging and then there are days when I feel overwhelmed with the fact that we have just about 6 weeks left before the trip. So its been kinda strange. Madhu and I are almost a little lost. We did soooo much planning already that there’s nothing more to do except sit back and wait it out. Of course, we still have to sell the stuff that we brought to the apt but there’s time for that – no rush needed. I’m sure it’ll be hectic and crazy as October comes closer but that will be the case no matter what we do now … so I think we should just kick-back and relax until then (not sure if Madhu can handle that, though).

Work has been very hectic for me as I have 3 projects, which I would love to bring as close to closure as possible before quitting. It’s going to be very difficult but I’m going to do my best.  I’ve worked quite hard at this job since the time I started so don’t want to ruin everything just before leaving. This has started to stress me out a little.

One other thing that is bothering me is my solo Bharatanatyam recital scheduled on Oct 10th. Before the family visit in June, I learnt one item from my teacher but since then I’ve had no practice at all. June flew by and then I got busy with the house sale and move. Moreover my teacher was on a (much-needed) 6-week break as well. During this time I started to have my doubts regarding the performance. I didn’t want to do a bad job so I started considering pulling out. I thought that it’s better not to dance than put up a half-hearted effort. But somewhere deep within me, I also knew that if I chickened out of this one, I would regret it forever. Last year, I put in a lot of effort in creating an audition tape and submitting my application to perform. I was thrilled to bits on getting selected; I’d been dreaming of putting up this solo performance for years so it felt great to finally get that opportunity. To quit and give up after all that, would be really sad. Plus it would shed a poor light on my school and the dancers there. I realized that I really have to go through with this…

My teacher returned from her break last weekend and we promptly started practice earlier this week. I’m pretty confident that she’ll be able to choreograph all the items and teach them to me on time. But what’s worrying me is, will I have time to practice these items? More than time, will I find a space to practice? In Rivermark, I had used our garage for all dance practices but now here at the apt, there’s just no space. There is a dance studio nearby that I could rent but it’ll cost me $25 an hour. Ideally, I should practice at least thrice a week for an hour each but that would get too expensive. So for starters, I’m enquiring to see if I can get it at least for an hour every week. However, the studio is very popular so I may not get it for even for that … I’ve written to the owner; lets see.

5 weeks to go for the performance.

6 weeks to go for the trip …

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