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List of related articles on planning a sabbatical to India.

A new twist

But, of course, idle minds are also fertile grounds for more thinking … and more thinking … and more thinking!

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Continuing to research

The next step is to visit our Tax consultant, who also doubles as our finance consultant, for advise on how to handle the renting of our house, paying taxes for 2009, etc.. – will keep this blog posted…

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34 weeks to go

Over the weekend, we stopped at the local library to pick up more travel guides. I was hoping to find one on Nepal as well but didn’t. We found a good book on trekking in the north and Lonely Planet guides for Mumbai, Goa and Bhutan. These gave us a lot of reading material for the weekend.

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A slight delay to the start…

After looking at our financials and talking it through the weekend, we realized that we would be in a better position (financially) to start our journey at the beginning of year 2010 rather than in November of this yea

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Shayna – planning for the pooch

We have read horror stories of dogs having to travel in tiny crates and suffering from dehydration due to the long journey. There are ‘pet movers’ or ‘pet relocators’ who could possibly help with the actual transport but they could be very expensive. Madhu’s looking into this. I’ll post our final plan as and when we come upon it…

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The first email

Yesterday morning Madhu sent me a very unusual email – it totally took me by surprise! I realized that this is the first time that he had seriously written/talked to me regarding taking a sabbatical and traveling around India, so it could be the start of something truly exciting. Keeping that in mind, I have saved the email for posterity …

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