Hornbill Festival

hornbill festival

Hornbill Festival – Festival of Festivals

Get ready to witness the most fascinating and visually evocative festival in all of North-East India. The Hornbill festival of Nagaland, rightly dubbed as the festival of festivals, epitomizes the customs and traditions of the Naga tribes. Held annually in the first week of December this festival showcases the little-known dances and traditions of the sixteen major Naga tribes.

Hornbill Festival Dates : December 1-7


Dec 2nd : Dimapur to Khonoma (Drive time  2 hours)
Pickup from Dimapur airport and drive to Knonoma village. O/n at homestay in Khonoma village

Dec 3rd : Khonoma

Khonoma was the first village in Nagaland to ban logging and hunting, converting itself into a green village. In 1998 the villagers demarcated 70 sq.kms of the community forest as a reserved forest christening it the Khonoma Nature Conservation and Tragopan Sanctuary. Undertake a trek to the sanctuary, enjoying its rich bird life. O/n at a homestay in Khonoma.

Dec 4th : Khonoma to Kohima

(Drive time 1.5 hours)
Walk around the village to interact with some basket and shawl weavers and understand the rich history and culture of the village. After lunch proceed to Kohima. O/n at a hotel in Kohima

Dec 5th: Kohima

In the morning visit the Kohima market, which is probably the most interesting market in all of North East. From here proceed to the Kisama Heritage village to witness the Hornbill Festival. O/n at a hotel in Kohima

Dec 6th : Kohima

Continue to get thrilled by the colourful dances at the Hornbill festival. In the afternoon visit the World War II museum which recreates the Battle of Kohima. O/n at a hotel in Kohima

Dec 7th : Kohima to Mokukchung

(Drive time 6 hours)
In the morning leave for Mokukchung, the capital town of the Ao Nagas. On the way visit some villages belonging to the Rengma tribe. O/n at Mokukchung Tourist lodge

Dec 8th :Mokukchung

In the morning visit the villages of Mopungchuket, Impur and Aliba, to witness the everyday life of the Ao Nagas. In the evening go to Ungma, the largest of all the Ao Naga villages, to interact with the locals. O/n at Mokukchung Tourist Lodge

Dec 9th : Mokukchung to Mon

(Drive time: 6 hours)
Mon is the home town of the Konyak Nagas known for their facial tattoos, as also for their wood carving and gun- making skills. O/n at tourist lodge in Mon

Dec 10th : Mon

Visit Lungwa village which shares its boundary with Myanmar, the international boundary runs through the Anhg’s (village chief)house. It is said that
the Angh eats in Nagaland but sleeps in Myanmar. O/n at tourist lodge in Mon

Dec 11th : Mon

Explore Chanmoho and Chulli villages where you can still find people with tattooed faces. The village also has a plethora of traditional houses well worth seeing. O/n at a hotel in Mon

Dec 12th :Mon to Dibrughar

(Drive time: 7.5 hours)
Drive to Dibrughar, the tea capital of Assam. O/n at a hotel in Dibrughar (If the client is interested there would be an option of staying in a tea garden)

Dec 13th  Drop to Dibrughar airport

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