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Chumbak Products – Quirky Indian Souvenirs

Souvenirs in India have always been limited to boring and mundane products that flood almost every tourist destination in India. They never reflected the humorous and contemporary side of India.

Chumbakfills that gap with its products which reflect the quirkiness of India and remind tourists of the fun time they had in India.

Chumbak has evolved to be more than just refrigerator magnets, they have expanded their product range to include T-shirts, key chains, gadget covers, coffee mugs, clocks, storage tins, notebooks, and pens to mention a few.

Chumbak products are now available on Amazon.So, if you want to get these quirky Indian souvenirs after you return home, you don’t need to head back to India. A few clicks can help you relive the magical time you had in India.

Irrespective of what Chumbak souvenir you pick, you will get two things – the contemporary and witty side of India and the culture that germinates and thrives in its heart. Chumbak souvenirs give the intangible memories and feelings related to Indian tourism, a tangible face that was long absent or was perhaps present but just had a boring mask on it!

Our personal favorites

Kamasutra coaster setKamasutra coaster setChai wallah magnet
Apart from being a functional souvenir, Kamasutra coaster set reflects the ancient Indian art of lovemaking where women dress up from head to toe with bright clothes, jewelries and more to cast a spell of lust on Indian men.

Auto rikshaw magnetAuto rikshaw magnet
One meaningful souvenir reflecting Indian transportation, Auto rikshaw magnet can be a reminiscent of travel experience in India. Autos flood the streets of every Indian state and the drivers differ too. Chennai auto drivers will never have a working meter while Bangalore drivers chill all day and enjoy harassing people.

Snake charmer magnetSnake charmer magnet
Snake charming is an old practice in India where a snake charmer hypnotizes a snake by playing a piped musical instrument. This is a typical street show where the snake charmer performs several acts with a snake that can be dangerous.

Chai wallah magnetChai wallah magnet
Pouring chai like chai wallah does require immense practice and skill. However, the omnipresent chai wallahs always do that with ease. They just seem to pop out of nowhere even in the oddest of places.

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