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Our series of India Photography Tours offer exclusive collaborations and associations with the best names in the industry to take care of your photo-travel needs. Our itineraries are crafted to include the best visual sights during the best times of the year across the Indian Subcontinent.

We take take care of all travel needs including transportation, accommodations, drivers & guides. All you need is a camera and we take care of the rest. Our tours are accompanied by an experienced team who have a deep understanding of lighting conditions and where to go for the perfect picture.

With a highly qualified panel of photographers, we provide one on one attention in each trip, arrange group discussions & workshops at locations that provide amazing scenic beauty and great photo opportunities.

About our lead photo director


All of our Photography Tours are led and conducted by highly acclaimed professional photographer Dheeraj Paul, who as a dedicated photography educator brings insight and enthusiasm in his workshops held across India. His straight forward teaching style appeals to participants of all skill levels. He has been invited twice for the International Jury by the Humanity Photo Awards (2009 & 2011), which was jointly organized by the China Folklore Photographic Association and UNESCO.

Photo Credit : Dheeraj Paul

India Wildlife Tours : Bandhavgarh

Duration : 5 days
Stay : Jungle Lodge/ Shikhar Tents – 4Nights
Travel : Pickup from Jabalpur – Travel to Bandhavgarh by A/c 12 seater Traveller.
Route : Jabalpur – Bandhavgarh – Jabalpur (We can arrange for transportation between your home base and Jabalpur)
Customizable : Yes


  • Best Place to spot and photograph wild Bengal Tigers
  • 7-8 Jungle game drives in all terrain open private game vehicles
  • 2-4 persons per vehicle for optimal photographic opportunity
  • Programed & developed to suit novice and professionals
  • Critique sessions, guidance and discussions in an interactive exciting environment
  • Minimal time spent on travel and maximum time spent in the game park
  • Lead by an award-winning professional Travel & Wildlife photographers

Suggested Itinerary

india photography toursBandhavgarh, one of the best places to stay and photograph the wild Bengal Tigers in India, is a 1200 sq km Tiger Reserve which was once a private hunting reserve for the rulers of Rewa.

This Wildlife Photography Tour is designed to maximize opportunities to spot and photograph wildlife in its natural surroundings. Nestled amongst the Satpura Hills, Bandhavgarh is the most scenic national park in the country, with a perfect mix of rocky terrain, waterlogged grasslands and densely forested valleys. With one of the highest tiger densities in India, spotting a tiger is not uncommon.

Wildlife spotting, in our experience, requires time and patience, requires precise localized knowledge of time and duration of travel, available light conditions, possible animal behavior.

Day 1 Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh

You will be picked up from Jabalpur and driven straight to Bandhavgarh National Park.

india photography toursYour stay will be at Bundela Jungle Lodge is an exclusive Safari Lodge spread over 8 acres of natural surroundings of the Central Indian forests offering authentic Jungle Experience for its guests. Your will be staying in Shikhar Tents that offer all of the modern amenities including private bathrooms, swimming pool, wilderness bar and private sit-out areas.

Post lunch leave for the an evening drive into the park. The best time to watch & photograph wildlife is the early mornings and late evenings when animal activity is at its highest and the soft golden light creates great images. During the trip we will enter the forest as soon as gates are opened in morning and in evening stay as late as possible.

Later we shall review and evaluate the pictures clicked during the day Critical reviews of the pictures clicked in the day with the lead photo director followed by dinner at the Bundela Jungle Lodge.

Days 2, 3 & 4

india photography toursEarly morning & evening safari drives into the various regions of the park including waterbodies frequented by animals. Bandhavgarh National Park provides a natural habitat for around than 22 species of mammals, 70 species of butterflies and 255 species of birds. The Bandhavgarh National Park has a special significance as this sprawling wildlife reserve is the last home of the endangered White Tiger and an integral part of Project Tiger.india photography tours
One of the safaris will be on Elephants back as this is the most effective way of tracking a tiger since the Mahouts know the whereabouts of the tigers and are easily able to lead the surefooted elephants up steep rocky hillsides and down marshy river beds. We recommend long telephoto zooms or prime lenses for wild life. There is also a huge opportunity to click some fine landscape shots.

Day 2 :

In the afternoon visit Bandhavgarh Fort located inside the india photography toursmarvelous park. The fort is believed to be more than 2500 years old. A one hour trek leads up to the fort and the track is dotted by the small temples of the 12th century, unspoiled forests, and small meandering streams. Special permissions will be arranged by us as this is a private property. Morning and Evening safaris into the park.

Day 3 :

The afternoon schedule will include a visit to the 35 Sandstone caves india photography tours that exist inside the northern area of the Park that bear inscriptions dating from 1st century BC. The largest cave here, Badi Gufa, is particularly impressive with its broad entrance, several rooms and pillars is one of the most photogenic cave. Morning and Evening safaris into the park.

Day 4 :

In the afternoon we drive down to the Tala village, a picture perfect rural village that offers a live example of the eco-system this national park and the villagers strive to maintain. It provides an excellent opportunity to click portraits, and to mingle with the locals and understand their life.


at Bundela Jungle Lodge will include local cultural entertainment, poolside or campfire dinners. Every evening we’ll have detailed discussions on finer points of wildlife photography.

Day 5 : Depart for Jabalpur

Post breakfast head out towards Jabalpur for your onward journey.

Equipment for the Tour

Don’t be hesitant to bring your own cameras and lenses – whether point and shoot, compact digital, 35mm Digital SLR or even analog.

Suggested Lenses :

  • Basic Lenses for DSLR Full Frame – 16~35mm zoom, 24~105mm zoom, 70~200mm zoom or 70~300mm zoom, 50mm, 400mm or 600mm
  • Basic Lenses for APS-C DSLR : 18~55mm zoom, 55~300mm zoom, 18~135mm zoom or 18~200mm, 10~20mm zoom, 35mm and 400mm

Our experienced shoot director will guide you to shoot creative and meaningful images with your existing equipment. It is not the camera but the eye behind it which is important to capture and freeze the moments. You will learn how to make best use of your equipment in different situations. Knowing your equipment is very important before you practically start taking pictures.

We will provide you with full back up support. We are equipped with the state-of-the-art laptops, cloud based network storage drives, DVD burners, professional photo ink-jet printers, camera tripods and miscellaneous accessories.

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