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What makes 10YearItch really stand out is that it offers plenty of practical advice for travelers, including hotel and restaurant reviews, and trip planning.

“But it’s not always easy figuring out the best route or best places to stay that would suit an individual’s taste simply by reading other people’s travel journeys. That’s where we thought we could fill the gap. We offer discerning clients the benefit of our own travel experiences in India, which provide a valuable information base on which their trips are planned, …

Washington Flyer

Turn to Savi and Madhu for help designing your dream India vacation with their promise of a unique experience or simply look here for a great read of such a multi-faceted country.
Washington Flyer

National Geographic

Chasing the bird song …
National Geographic (August 2012)

Sanctuary Asia

The Living Root Bridges of Cherrapunjee
Sanctuary Asia

Best New India Tour Operator of 2011 : 10 Year Itch .

Calleen Friesen

We are thankful every day to 10 Year Itch for organizing our trip and lovely hotels, but most of all we are drop-to-our-knees grateful for the fact that he sent us Datar.
Colleen Friesen

Wind Chimes

Not many people have the courage to chase their dreams. Fewer still are willing to share their experiences of following their dreams and inviting others to experience it themselves.

The Times Of India

Page 3, Delhi Edition
Times of India

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