Financial consultant blesses the plan

Today is the first day, since the 10-year-itch idea was first mooted, that I feel we are actually going to go through with this … or at least give it a serious attempt!

Last night we met with our tax/financial consultant. Madhu had sent him a lengthy email regarding our plans and the questions we need answered. We figured that we needed to give him some time to think thru our idea and look for potholes. As we walked up to his office, I was really, really nervous. In fact, I had been nervous and a little upset the whole day – I felt that if our consultant made us aware of some glitch in our plans that we had completely overlooked, then it could ruin everything for us.

But guess what, there are NO potholes in our plan!!!  We had done our homework well. Our consultant did seem half-amused, half-surprised by our plans to travel for so long. But he seemed pleased with our diligence as well . Our questions were mainly centered around tax implications of our move. Apparently there are none that we hadn’t thought of already.

Everything seems to be falling in place (touch wood!). There couldn’t have been a better time to relocate and travel – we’ve really got all our ducks in a row. This year we will get US citizenship, qualify for social security benefits (which will be received only after the ripe age of 62), get a decent $ to Rs.  conversion rate (last year it was just Rs.35 to a Dollar as compared to Rs.50 this year) and get a better price on the house. I’m sure when our friends find out, they are going to assume that we had planned this all along. Nobody will believe that all this began with just a simple itch to travel.

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