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List of travel related articles on Orchha, Madhya Pradesh. Includes detailed descriptions of the various sites, pictures, and hotel reviews.

Vultures of Orch

Vultures of Orcha

The Cenotaphs of Orcha are home to numerous Vultures. Unfortunately, their numbers are on a sharp decline.Increasing urbanization, rampant use of pesticides in agricultural fields, mounting pollution and wide-scale killing of vultures are all taking a toll.

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Jehangir Mahal (Orchha Palace)

Jehangir Mahal was constructed to commemorate the visit of Jahanghir to Orchha. This three storied palace is a harmonious blend of Indo-Islamic architecture, with hanging balconies, topped domes, marvelous sculptures, and delicate chhatris.

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Orchha palace

Orchha Palace : Raj Mahal

Orchha was founded in the 1501 AD by the Bundela chief, Rudra Pratap Singh, who became the first King of Orchha. It was the capital of the Bundelas from the 16th century to 1783.

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gwalior to orchha

Gwalior to Orchha Road Trip

Road Trip : Gwalior to Orchha Today we checked out of Hotel Sita Manor and hired a taxi to drive us to Orchha, which is about 120km south of Gwalior. The plan was to visit the Jain temples at Sonagiri and the fort at Jhansi en route. We left Gwalior around 9:30am and found that […]

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